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FPS-RPG Project: Weapons, Attacking and First Person Animation

Lately I’ve been working on UMG Widgets, first person animations and sockets.

The following picture shows a socket added to the right hand bone and offset correct to be able to hold various one handed weapons and items I create. I also have a different socket for spell effects as they sit in the hand differently.


This next picture shows the blueprint flow when that particular short sword is equipped. First the Equipped string is set to Short Sword (this is how I keep track of what weapon is equipped and also to display the name of the weapon to the user in the HUD). Next the short sword is spawned in on the character and attached to the socket. Finally, the idle animation for one handed weapons is played on a loop until something else happens.


And here I have a webm showcasing all these features put together with a UI and attack animations. I have also improved upon my previous fireball spell by giving it proper animations which I can then use for different spells as well.

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