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FPS-RPG Project: Creating a Tavern

This week I have been focusing on level design. I decided to create a tavern out of BSB brushes and simple furniture made in Blender. The tavern is loosely based off Olaf’s Tavern from Gothic 2.


Everything in the above picture is BSB brushes put together in UE4, this is probably the first time I actually planned and measured out something like a real architect.


The materials are either ones I purchased, free textures, or native to UE4.


I also recently got an Oculus Rift. Getting to test my level directly into VR is one of the new features in UE 4.7. An amazing experience to say the least.


The next step was to create all the furniture I needed, I created several different tables and chairs, some railings, kegs and some lanterns. I also created a blueprint for the lanterns so they all have a point light inside them and a physics constraint above them so any force will sway them as if they’re hung up by a rope or chain.


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