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FPS-RPG Project: Rocks and Foilage Tool

Just a small update from me today… as well as some surprising news from Unreal!

Engine 4.7 was released the other day with some really impressive additions, many of which I will be making use of, such as the new foliage tool and the in-editor animator.

… But that’s not all, just this morning UE4 became free forever, no more subscription fee! It looks like they are targeting Unity users who went to straight to Unity because of no upfront fees, they are also integrating their new Unreal Tournament into the engine/editor.

I personally know a lot of people that have been avoiding UE4 because of the subscription, so it should be interesting to see how this all turns out.

This week in development I spent some more time modeling, here are some rocks. =)


And here are the rocks put together in my scene to make a cave.


The one thing this scene really needs is some grass! So I’ve been playing with SpeedTree again to make some grasses and shrubs, but I am not ready to show them until I get lighting and optimization right… the foliage tool, for all its good points can be a huge mess if things aren’t set up right. :p

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