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FPS-RPG Project: First Look at AI

Update time!

I now have my spider fully rigged and animated, as well as some pretty decent AI, a rudimentary combat log, some actual combat.

I also got a chance to play with the lighting and make my scene look a little better. I’m still not entirely happy with it, but I’m going to keep it as is until I add more foliage and other meshes to the scene.


As for animation, I have created just 2 animations so far; idle and walking. I used a blend space so that based on the spider’s speed it will blend between the two states, so as it slows down it starts to walk really slow and starts idling (breathing on the spot) as well and as it gets faster it plays the walking animation at a higher speed. The webm below demonstrates this… the last half of the video is what happens if you import a skeletal mesh into UE4 without all the bones being linked to a root bone. :p

Size: 9.5mb

And for the AI I have created behavior trees so that the spider will just roam randomly at a slow speed until it sees the player, when it does it will chase the player at a higher speed untill the player is able to get out of its sight range… or it dies.

This box around the spider is its sight range.


This next video fully demonstrates chase AI as well as some basic combat and combat log.

Size: 22mb

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