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FPS-RPG Project: World Design and Fireballs

Since the last UE4 post I’ve learned much more, including multilayer texturing, (half-assed) landscaping, Cascade (UE4 particle editing), AI and behavior trees, projectile physics and use of SpeedTree.

Using landscaping I made a quick outdoor terrain and blocked out some structures with BSB brushes so that I can have a decent looking level to showcase things on. The terrain uses multiple layers of textures so that I could paint on the paths which blend in with the grass.


I then learned how to use the UE4 edition of SpeedTree to create some trees and use the foliage painting tool to put them on my level. The cool thing is that this is actually just one tree mesh with UE4 foliage settings to randomize the height, rotation, hue of the trunk and leaves textures to make them all look slightly different.


I did in fact learn a whole heap of AI stuff and managed to have an unanimated blocky mouse follow me around the level and perform other tasks using a behavior tree, but before I showcase any of this I want to have a fully animated model I can use, so here is a spider I have modeled and rigged up in blender. The, texturing, animation and importing are still underway.


And of cause, a webm! This is a fireball spell I created using Blueprint, when the player clicks the left mouse button, a punching (lol >_>) animation plays, a projectile is launched from the player in the direction they are facing. Parented to the projectile is a burning fire particle system which is an edited version of the UE4 starter content fire. When the projectile hits anything the fire animation is hidden and the explosion animation starts.

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