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UE4 FPS-RPG Project: Enemy Rat

Another NPC, this time a rat… and not just because every RPG needs giant rats, but because I love rats and other rodents so much. :)


I used very similar modeling techniques to what I learned when creating the female NPC, only this was much simpler.


I managed to do a much better UV unwrapping job with this model too, on the right side of the picture above you can see the UV map with the legs, ears, eyes and body unwrapped separately. The body is unwrapped as two sides, but I stacked them over the top of each other since I’m going to just be mirroring the body pattern anyway.


I used a similar coloring scheme to the female NPC, just some basic colors for now.


It looks pretty good in game, it’s also been rigged up with idle, walk and an attack animation so I finally have an enemy that actually attacks with a real animation now. This will be featured in my next video. :)

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