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UE4 FPS-RPG Project: First Human NPC

I’ve learned a lot these past few weeks and have a lot to show in the video below.

This is my first time creating a character entirely from scratch, modeling it, unwrapping it, texturing it, rigging it and animating it in Blender. It’s far from perfect and has a host of issues at the moment, but it sure brings the tavern to life when added to UE4 with some blend spaces and AI. :)


This also means I will be able to go back and properly unwrap and texture my spider just as I did with her, now that I know how to do it properly.


I created her from a reference image with the idea that she would resemble a tavern owner or staff.

I followed this tutorial series using my own reference image.

Currently there are issues with the following; body clipping through clothes, my unwrap/seam marking job was kind of poor, ragdoll physics get messy at the feet.

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