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FPS-RPG Project: Cave Combat

Lots of progress lately – item descriptions, level up notifications, ability to add skill points on character sheet, combat log for outgoing and incoming damage, weapon damages based on appropriate player skills/attributes, maximum health/mana based on player attributes, out of combat health/mana regeneration and the ability to equip off-hands with one-hands already equipped.

Most of the new features (at least the ones that can be visually shown) are shown here in this new video.

I recently learned how to use event dispatchers properly so I’ve been having lots of fun and boosting functionality for many of my systems, especially the combat log.

The below image shows how I calculate my damage numbers for all strength-based one-handed weapons.


So lets say the short swords base minimum damage it can do is 2 and the maximum is 5. And lets say our player has a total of 8 strength and 3 in one-handed weapon skill. This would make the min and max damage 2.09 times the base damage, so the weapon would be doing 4 to 10 damage when rounded. Compared to a player with only 5 strength and 1 one-hand weapon skill, this is a fairly significant difference in damage range, especially on a more powerful weapon with higher min/max base damage.

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