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FPS-RPG Project: The Begining

I recently had another game development itch so I subscribed to Unreal Engine 4 and gave it a go.

So far, with the help of Blender, MakeHuman, WorldMachine and Paint.NET I’ve created, rigged and animated first person arms for use in UE4, as well as several modular dungeon pieces and other various models and landscapes.

As for UE4 itself, so far I’ve learned all about blueprint, creating particles, materials and mapping. Currently, my main focus is the player character blueprint.

Some modular walls and columns that snap together on a 1m grid.modular1

Example hallway with some of the assets I have created.

Arms exported from MakeHuman and rigged and animated in Blender.

Blueprint demonstration of my first person ‘summoning’ animation and spawning a rock.

On my to do list:

  • More natural assets (rocks, logs, etc).
  • Create a simple animal with animation to summon instead of rocks.
  • Create spell effects with particles.
  • Create more first person animations.
  • Create physics based spells with blueprint.
  • Create a decent landscape/level.

Stay tuned. :)

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