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Unappreciated Game of the Week: Master Sword Continued

Every Saturday I’ll be giving the spotlight to a poor unappreciated game that didn’t get the attention it deserved for one reason or another.

This week it’s Master Sword Continued a Half Life 1 mod that’s been around for near a decade and still has a strong online community.

In short, Master Sword Continued is a first person fantasy MMORPG on the Half Life engine. If you’ve played any Half Life 1 mods before, you’re probably wondering how they pull this off… the developers run a central character server where all your characters, items, spells, stats, etc are saved. When joining a server in game you simply pick your character and play on the server (kind of like Diablo).

Currently there are dozens of standard maps , all of which are connected to each other (making the game world quite big), so when you’re playing you can change the map by going up to a transition point, however for the map to change the majority of the people in the server must agree.

There is a large range of skills including 5 different schools of magic, axes, pole arms, small arms, archery, swords, blunt arms and martial arts. You can use these attacks against an equally large range of enemies, from giant rats and spiders to orcs and skeletons and even sharks.

At higher levels (and with the aid of others) you can raid dungeons and fight bosses for loot and experience, there is no level cap in Master Sword Continued so you can always train your skills up. Several town maps are also part of the game world where you can sell your loot, buy weapons, spells and potions or visit the tavern to learn of rumors and quests.

Although it isn’t very common among the community, there is also PvP combat, but most players prefer to work together, co-op style to complete high level dungeon maps.

Why is Master Sword Continued unappreciated?
Well for one, it runs on a 15 year old game engine and the graphics aren’t exactly inviting. But mostly, you need Half Life 1 to play it, not Half Life Source, but Half Life 1. Not many people are willing to fork over $10 for such an old game just to play a ‘mod’.

Why should I care?
This game and its community are alive! They’re alive and active and ready to help out new players (most of the time). If you’re looking for a really good online RPG to play that won’t charge you an online subscription, this is a game for you.

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