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I don’t review games anymore but here you will find all games I’ve given a full review:

Super Monday Night Combat: 7.5/10
Gothic: 8.5/10
Wurm Online: 7/10
Mount & Blade: Warband: 8/10
Shadowrun Returns: 8/10
State of Decay: 7.5/10
Elder Scrolls Online: 8.5/10
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD: 6/10
Rocksmith 2014: 9/10

Some notes on the scoring:
The score is a basic guideline to how much I enjoyed the game and how much I would recommend it to others, I write reviews to inform people on what the game is about, how the game is played and what I thought was good or bad about it. Games are generally scored against other games in their genre.