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Review: Wurm Online

Wurm Online is a harsh survival MMORPG written in java, originally developed by Notch before he started working on Minecraft. Wurm is free to play, however skills cannot be trained past level 20 (out of 100) unless you pay for a premium account, though getting a single skill to level 20 would likely take a week or more and that would be with hard training.

Wurm could be described as a much more realistic and survival-based Minecraft. A new player begins the game with a few tools to let them get started, food and water are a big priority, but so is being able to shelter or defend yourself from enemies, so building your own house should also be on the agenda… however that could take quite a while to do.

For example, the typical steps in building your first house would likely consist of the following tasks:

  1. Cut down trees.
  2. Create a mallet and other wooden tools you may need for building.
  3. Mine iron ore in a public mine.
  4. Find a public blacksmith to smelt the iron and create nails at an anvil.
  5. (Optional) Build a cart first, this will make carrying your materials much easier and train your carpentry skills to make building a house easier.
  6. Find a piece of suitable, flat, unclaimed land to build your house on, remembering you need to be near water or a public well (you may need to travel quite far away from the starting area).
  7. (Optional) Flatten the area more with a shovel, one of the main features of Wurm is the ability to terraform the terrain, however for a new player on their own this can take a long time, you are better off searching for a flat area to build on.
  8. (Optional) Build a fence around the area, this will keep out other players if you smith a lock for the gate, it will also keep animals you may own in the future from escaping.
  9. Lay down foundations of the house, remember that the bigger you make it, the more materials it is going to require (each wall takes 20 planks of wood and a handful of large nails).
  10. Attach the materials to the house.
  11. Build your own facilities, forge, anvil, archery targets, oven, etc.

All the while, you will be slowly getting hungry and thirsty, luckily new players are given free food and water for the first 24 hours of gameplay. You will also be failing a lot of these tasks as your skills in them will be very low, for example, it make take 3 attempts to successfully create nails and they will be very low quality.

The quality of the materials you create/gather affect the quality of what you are building, low quality items will decay faster and need repairs more often, otherwise they will disappear completely. Wurm is heavily based on decaying objects, the land you choose to build on may of been built on several times in the past few years, but the players have either moved on to another location or stopped playing.

You are likely to have neighbors nearby who you can talk to in the Local channel, most people are willing to help new players with materials/construction if you ask nicely and show that they can trust you. Just don’t ask questions that you can easily find in the wiki!

As you can see, Wurm is a very in depth survival game. I still play it to this day, but the most fun I had was when I first started. I was with a group of 5 other friends, we agreed to build together and allocate jobs to specific people, that way we could all master one or two skills and get things done quicker. I was in charge of Farming, Fishing and Cooking… cooking for 6 people was no easy task! I had to constantly be tending to the farm or fishing to be able to supply everyone with food so they could get their tasks done. At this time we had no well at our building site, so every time I went fishing I would have to carry back a 40 litre barrel of water with me.

Some of them were purely gatherers, they cut down wood, mined ore and stones and sometimes brought back herbs and fruits for cooking as well. Other people were in charge of creation; carpentry, blacksmithing and masonry. Once we had a decent farm up and running, making meals for everyone got a lot easier, by then we also had hunting parties where we would usually bring back spider meat to cook as well (there was a nearby spider den). Eventually we finished our house and built a small sailboat which we used to explore the world.

I have barely touched the surface here, there are loads of different skills and items I haven’t covered. There are faction based PvP servers, magic and archery, jewelrysmithing and meditation, forestry and taming and much, much more! To minimize stress and maximize fun; be sure play with a friend or two!

I found Wurm to be extremely tedious and frustrating at times, but also very fun and rewarding to see the impact I made on the game world.

I give Wurm Online 7/10.

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