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Review: Super Monday Night Combat

Game: Super Monday Night Combat
: Uber Entertainment
Publisher: Uber Entertainment, 2012
Version Reviewed: Rule Change 11

It’s the year 2036 and watching clones and robots beat each other to death over a giant ball of money has become the new televised entertainment sport for families on Monday night.

Finally! A MOBA where I can do more than just observe and click manically. Unlike DoTA based games, Super Monday Night Combat drops you right into the action with a trailing third person camera view and WASD/shooter controls.

Super Monday Night Combat is a free-to-play game on Steam which uses location based match-making to find you a match with other people of your skill level and lets you pick a ‘Pro’ to play as from a selection of characters. Classes include Commandos (harass and ambush), Strikers (soldiers), Enforcers (tanks), Defenders (heal and buff) and Sharpshooters (sniper).

Once match-made, you’re thrown into a team of five where you pick your Pro and the game begins in one of the four arenas. In the standard ‘Supercross’ mode, the two teams must escort bots down their predefined paths, destroying turrets and enemy players on the lead up to taking down the enemy team’s moneyball.

Simple right? Fortunately not! The game is packed full of extra features and random events such as the Annihilator, a game changing weapon that teams must fight over to purchase. When purchased, the Annihilator destroys all bots on the enemy team and damages all enemy Pros.

Then there’s Chickey Cantor, a giant mechanical chicken that has a chance to spawn in the arena’s ‘jungle’ (areas outside the official arena confines) which teams fight over the privilege to ride for cash and bonuses for their team. And then there’s Bullseye, a masochistic mascot players can attack to obtain ‘juice’ and other goodies.

Juice is SMNC’s power-up resource, it can be collected from certain bots or bought and when you have enough, you can buff yourself for a short time. Players can also use their cash (obtained from killing players and bots) to purchase extra bots for their team, health or special weapons specific to the arena.

Super Monday Night Combat is a smooth, well flowing third person shooter with a decent array of Pros to choose from that all have their own gameplay style. The action never stops. As far as the graphics go, Super Monday Night Combat has a distinct cartoony art style, similar to that of Team Fortress 2, which suits the game very well and overall is visually appealing.

The developers have created a unique universe for SMNC which seemingly leaves no gaps. The commentators, the characters and the bots are all clever and unique creations that deserve to be praised. It’s one thing to create a fun, enjoyable game, but another to have originality. On that note though, there are currently only four maps to play, and as a game that is designed to be played over and over, it really needs more.

The game features typical American sports commentators commenting on the match as you play, though very funny at times, they can get a little annoying, but turning off their voices means you won’t hear about random events or when the Annihilator is ready for purchase. There is also quite a nice soundtrack while waiting in the lobby to be match made.

The developers really hit the nail on the head here, the first game of its kind and everything just feels so right. On top of that, they have kept their promise in making it free-to-play; all micro-transactions that have any impact on gameplay can be bought with in game currency, earned from playing matches.

My only complaints are the weekly 1.3GB patches (no I’m not joking) and the slow match making times for countries other than the United States.

Overall, I am very impressed with this game, it’s about time someone did this to Dota for us FPS addicts!

I give Super Monday Night Combat 7.5/10.

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  • Nice review, seems like a fun game to play and for free well you cant get better then that right?

    Once there is more maps and less patching :P this sounds like a game i will be playing in the future for sure :)

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