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Morrowind Overhaul

Recently I reinstalled Morrowind and thought I’d try the popular Morrowind Overhaul. Last time I tried it I had lots of issues getting the majority of the mods installed properly, however there is now a nice fancy all-in-one installer that does most of the work for you.

Morrowind Overhaul is a large collection of graphic and gameplay enhancements that make Morrowind a much more enjoyable experience while still preserving the spirit of the game. It also makes the game easier to play for people who enjoyed the later TES games and wanted to try Morrowind for the first time.

I had seen pictures of the overhaul before but I have to say I was extremely happy to be able to play it for my self with such beautiful graphics at a decent frame rate (100+ indoors and 50+ outdoors), the characters in particular were very impressive.

As for gameplay changes, the overhaul introduces a few tweaks that really make the game more user-friendly and fun to play. For example, one of the worst things I remember about Morrowind was collecting alchemy ingredients; you had to activate the plant to open the loot window, then click and drag the ingredients to your inventory, then close the window. The overhaul makes it so you activate the plant, the model disappears and you get the ingredient in your inventory just like in Skyrim.

Below are some screenshots I took of my current adventure in overhauled Morrowind as a Dark Elf mage.

MGE Screenshot 007 MGE Screenshot 010  MGE Screenshot 003MGE Screenshot 011

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