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Hellgate Global

If you were into MMOs back in 2007 you might remember the release of Hellgate London. One of the first pay-once MMOs that hit actually retail stores (I remember paying the standard $100 AUD for a new copy at my local games store). However in 2009 the servers went down because they weren’t making enough money, but you can still play the single player which is exactly the same as multiplayer, but you play by yourself.

In Hellgate you can play as one of 6 classes; Guardian (paladin), Blademaster (warrior), Summoner (pet-based magic), Evoker (mage), Marksman (guns) or Engineer (pet-based guns). You battle for humanity, fighting demons throughout London’s streets and underworld. The game engine uses an instance based level system to randomly generate the level you travel to, so the next time you go there it will be slightly different from the last (it’s very rogue-like, and generally feels like Diablo in many ways). Oh and did I mention the part where it’s an MMO that you can aim and shoot with guns? That’s right, no auto targeting/attacking, which makes for a more immersive MMO.

During the time the servers were available I played a Summoner to level 40 and had one of the best MMO experiences of my life. Though, after about level 30 or so the game becomes a bit boring unless you play it with a friend.

Several multiplayer revival projects later, Hellgate Global has emerged as the current and only way to play this game online. Fortunately, it’s almost the exact same game with some extra storyline missions thrown in and some micro-transactions in the higher level gameplay. However if you are looking to play this game again or try it out with a friend, definitely give Hellgate Global ago. Despite the currency and loot system being ruined from the original game and the terrible ‘engrish’ incorporated into the new missions, it’s still a very fun post-apocalyptic MMO to play with a friend or two.

Here’s a video I made a few years ago when Hellgate London was new.

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