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F2P Spree!

Over the last month I’ve been checking out some free-to-play games that have been on my list for a while now;

Warframe (Co-op RPG)Warframe
A very pretty sci-fi shooter with impressive ninja-style gameplay. Levels are randomly generated so if you replay a mission it’s different every time, this can get a bit repetitive when the same room or corridor is used 4 times in the same level though, but hey, it’s space, efficiency in ship design is crucial. My only issue is that I had to fork out $20 to buy a female warframe as all the default ones are male – say what you like, but in a game that promotes heavy character development and avatar customization I find it difficult to enjoy playing a male character. Gotta love that female-tax on gaming. :/

Mother of god. This game…
I can’t tell if the developers were trying to go for a Western style or Asian style MMO here, either way the result is a strange semi-serious fantasy MMORPG with unique gameplay that rewards player skill a little bit more than the average MMO; you have to aim and attack rather than auto-attack. It has a decent selection of races and classes and graphically looks very nice, if you like MMOs and have no problem downloading 35gb, give it a go.

Rift (MMORPG)Rift
Recently made free-to-play, Rift has been out for a few years now. It has some nice features for an MMO, huge class selection and a nice take on faction vs faction (something I think we don’t see enough of in MMOs these days). Rift is a well polished game and I highly recommend it to all MMO players.

Neverwinter (MMORPG)Neverwinter_screenshot_WhatisNeverwinter_022213_jpeg27
Based on the D&D forgotten realms universe, loosely utilizing D&D 4e rules/spells/abilities/skills; Neverwinter is a nice action-based MMO with dodge rolls, click-to-attack gameplay and a pretty impressive dungeon editor. There really isn’t much freedom for D&D players that are used to being able to do virtually anything in their game; at the moment there are very few classes, not so many races and no alignment (everyone is unaligned), it plays nice and looks nice though.

Firefall (MMO Shooter)firefall-the-game04
A wonderful, vibrant (and semi-cel-shaded) third person shooter. Easily one of my favorite MMOs of all time, the developers have really created something unique here, in terms of both the game world and gameplay. It’s recently come into open beta and I highly recommend giving it a go.

All of these games are completely free-to-play, what’s your excuse? :p

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