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C# Text RPG Project: Part 2

Lots of progress today, including items, some battle methods and spells!

Here is the Item class diagram.

‘Scrolls’ will likely be another addition to the Item hierarchy one spells have been perfected.

Below is some content I’ve added in for testing purposes.

I’m planning to create all items in the game here in the MainFrm constructor, that way I can easily refer to them and give them to NPCs, shops, etc.

Some human battle methods have been implemented as well.

And Crit/Miss algorithms.

I also did some testing… created an NPC, gave him weapons and armor and tested some of his methods, soon I’ll be able to have 2 NPCs fighting once the battle system is implemented!

The next step is to sort out the inventory system, C# has two special arrays, ‘ArrayList’ which I am used to from Java and ‘List’ which seems to be more powerful, so I’ll likely be using List. Spellbook will also be a separate List on its own.

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